Your cats stay

When your cat stays at Meadowside we aim to make him/her feel at home as much as possible. We supply all the equipment required for the stay including beds, litter trays, scratching post, toys and bowls. We do however encourage that you bring a blanket or the cat’s own bed, or even an item of your clothing (something that smells of home), as this can really help a cat to settle in much more quickly. If you wish you are more than welcome to bring toys and or even the cat’s own scratching post as well.

All food (except prescription diets) is included in our prices. We stock a LARGE selection of the main brand foods and source others as required so let us know what your cat is used to when booking in and we will have it ready for their arrival. If your cat is on a prescription diet you must bring this in with them.

If your cat requires medication we are happy to administer it, including injections for diabetic cats, at no extra cost. Please bring it with your cat when you arrive in its original container with clear instructions for its use and details of why it was prescribed.

Day to day grooming is also not a problem. We have various brushes, combs and ‘mitts’ to give your cat the pamper session he/she deserves! However we do encourage you to bring your cat’s own brush if he/she has a particular favourite or if you know it works well with his/her coat.

Cats staying with us are given regular attention (if they wish it!). This depends on each cat, which might like being played with, cuddled, groomed or simply kept company for a little while. However attention is not forced on them if they prefer to “do their own thing”. We know that all cats have their own personalities and preferences.

We welcome owners contacting us by phone, email or our Facebook page while they are away to find out how their cats are where we can supply them with an update and pictures if wished. Helen, in particular, loves spending time with the cats with her camera and can get some stunning pictures which regularly feature on our Facebook and Instagram pages!